December 16, 2013

2009: Londen

Sunday 8: Arrival in London by plane. Monday 9: We will make the first company-visit. This will be AYH, a subdivision of Arcadis. They will give a presentation on the engineering of the Emirates Stadium. This day, we will also pay a visit to the stadium. Tuesday 10: This day we will visit the largest infrastructure project in Europe; the Crossrail project. This project is partly about redesigning the Underground. The presentation will mainly be about process management. We hope to pay a visit to the project; as we have to deal with strict safety precautions this is still unclear. Wednesday 11: We will visit RTKL, one of the largest engineering firms of the UK. They have redeveloped the O2 Arena and will explain to us how they did this. RTKL is also involved in constructing the stadiums for the Olympic Games in 2012. A presentation will be given about the Olympic Games. A site visit will be done, either to the Olympic Games or to the O2 Arena. Thursday 12: A company visit to Roger Preston & Partners will enlighten us about durable engineering. In England they use the BREEAM system, it will be explained to us how this system works and how it can be applied. Friday 13: On this day of good luck, we will visit the company Trett. They will give a presentation about project planning and fill us in on the latest developments regarding 4D planning. Saturday 14: Head back to The Netherlands

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