October 10, 2011

2011: Istanbul

Study Tour 2011 - Istanbul

After visiting London in 2009 and Barcelona in 2010, in November 2011 a delegation of 30 CME students went to the city of Constantinople. The city, capital of three empires, largest city of Turkey with a skyline dominated by domes and minarets was an interesting location for CME to learn about foreign projects and cultures. The CME students stayed 7 nights in a hostel in the city centre, visited interesting companies and construction sites like the Marmaray project and the Varyap Meridian project. Next to the construction projects, there were some interesting cultural highlights like the Hagia Sofia, the Grand Bazaar and off course the nightlife of Istanbul! Thanks to the studytour commission who did all their best the StudyTour 2011 was a great succes. We did Celebrate! For some pictures, have a look here Studytour 2011

Sponsors 2011

Martens en Van Oord MOBILIS
BAM Infraconsult BV MAN Consultants

Partners 2011

 IV Groep  Bouwkundig Kalkulatiebureau Schagen B.V.
 Pieters Bouwtechniek  TBI Academy
 StuD Studentenuitzenbureau  TU Delft
 Hompe en Taselaar  EPC Power Management

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