August 27, 2010

Course program

Here you can find an overview of all the CME courses. It has been updated for the 2017-2018 academic year. No rights can be derived from this file.

CME program 2017-2018 (Updated 06-09-2017)

If you are looking to start the CME master, the CME Master Guide gives you information on practicalities, in order to help you with your Master. For more information, please feel free to pass by 'Het Hok' at room 3.53, where the CME Dispuut is located.

Deficiency courses for TU Delft students with a Bachelor degree. Deficiency courses CME

Program for premaster CME.

Pre-Master Program

The study association CME Dispuut feels responsible for the quality of the education. Therefore course evaluations are made in collaboration with the universities. This way the CME Dispuut can contribute to the constant improving of the education and the courses.

If you have any remarks or suggestions about a course or the curriculum, please feel free to send a mail to:

For new CME students the Dispuut developed a guide with tips and tricks to help you through the Master track. CME Starting guide Honours Program TU Delft offers talented and motivated students the opportunity both to invest more time in their own area of study and to broaden their horizon at the same time. Are you ready to take on an extra challenge and broaden your horizon beyond your regular course of studies? And are you interested in urgent societal issues within the domains of water, mobility, logistics, energy, infrastructures, and environment, and eager to learn how to develop innovative solutions? Then the Honours Programme Master (HPM) Infrastructures & Environment may be just what you are looking for! The admission requirements for the HPM Infrastructures & Environment are:

  • An average grade of 7.5 for a completed TU Delft Bachelor’s degree or comparable average and degree if you graduated from another university;
  • A high level of motivation to participate in the programme.
Please note that only students who are taking their first semester of the Master’s programme can apply. The HPM Infrastructures & Environment is not open to exchange students. What is in it for you? If you successfully finish your Honours Programme Master as well as your regular Master’s programme within two years you will obtain an Honours certificate signed by the Rector Magnificus of the TU Delft. More importantly though, you will gain design and research experience in a dynamic environment and build up an interesting network of fellowHonours students and scientists! Interested in participating? Contact: Fransje Hooimeijer